Spanish Pop Star Joana Sainz García Dies After On-Stage Explosion

Spanish Pop Star Joana Sainz García Dies After On-Stage Explosion
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Spanish pop star Joana Sainz Garcia has died after an on-stage explosion that occurred while she was performing.

On Sunday, during a concert in Las Berlanas, Spain, the 30-year-old was killed following a pyrotechnics explosion. Billboard magazine is reporting Sainz Garcia was in the middle of performing with the Super Hollywood Orchestra when a freak incident occurred.

A stage pyrotechnic device exploded and knocked the pop star unconscious. Sainz Garcia was immediately taken to a nearby by hospital but sadly passed away hours later from injuries she sustained during the accident. The tragedy struck on the final night of a four-night music festival.

"On behalf of Prones 1SL agency, that represents the Super Hollywood Orchestra, and all our staff, musicians, assembly, and artists, in general, we express our most heartfelt condolences to the family, partner, and friends for the loss of our colleague Joana. She always showed exemplary behavior, both personal and artistic, in addition to a great human quality. It's going to be very difficult for all of us to overcome her absence. We will always remember you, Joana. R.I.P." read a Facebook message from the agency announcing the devastating news.

El Norte de Castilla obtained video footage from the tragic accident. It shows Sainz García dancing with several other performer's moments before the incident. The clip reveals a pyrotechnic device exploded without warning.

Nearly 1,000 festival-goers were there to witness the freak accident, including several doctors and nurses who attempted to help the singer. The traumatic event caused the rest of the festival to be canceled in honor of Sainz García, as well as to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.

Isidro López, the owner of Prones 1SL, explained to El Diario Montañés the group had used pyrotechnic devices thousands of times before during performances without any incident. He also shared Civil Guard is investigating the León-based company who supplied the materials.  The company that provided the cartridges, Catalan is also being investigated.

"When loading the cartridge, they put in another material and exploded the iron casing, which injured Joana. Nobody can explain it. We have been doing the same act for five years," López stated after admitting the sadness and shock over the horrific accident.

Joana Sainz Garcia was killed in a freak on-stage explosion. The Spanish pop- star was in the middle of performing at a festival when she was severely injured in a pyrotechnics explosion.

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