Chuck Woolery Shares His Faith In Jesus In Sweet Easter Message

Chuck Woolery Shares His Faith In Jesus In Sweet Easter Message
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Former game show host and Christian-conservative podcaster Chuck Woolery had a sweet Easter message for his followers. While politics have been the topic of discussion for many since the release of the Mueller report, Chuck took time to speak about his belief and faith in Jesus Christ while he wished his Twitter followers a happy Easter.

The tweet went viral and has more than 12,000 likes and over 4,000 comments. Western Easter is celebrated on April 21, 2019, while Eastern Orthodox religions will celebrate Easter on April 28, 2019. Chuck Woolery shared his message with his followers who are celebrating Easter throughout western churches.

Chuck Woolery made it clear that he has his faith in Jesus Christ by sharing the following.

"Jesus is the Rock of my salvation. He holds me in his hands. My judgment and my sin is covered in his Blood. Something I could never accomplish on my own. My Father sacrificed his son for me, and I accept that sacrifice. I accept Jesus as my savior. Have a blessed Easter everyone."

One Twitter follower responded to Chuck's message with the following statement.

"@chuckwoolery what a great testimony. Jesus Christ is Lord of my life too. Happy Easter. And know Jesus died for all."

You may see the tweet as shared by Chuck Woolery below.

Chuck Woolery's tweet not only went viral but drew responses from many who shared his faith and sentiment. Many thanked him for reminding them that the season celebrates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ and many appreciated him pointing out the salvation message in his tweet.

Since leaving game shows in the past (Chuck Woolery was the original host of Wheel of Fortune and hosted television games shows such as Scrabble, Love Connection , The Big Spin , Lingo , Pyramid , Greed and The Dating Game .

He also hosted the eponymous talk show The Chuck Woolery Show.

Currently, Chuck Woolery can be found with his co-host Mark Young on the podcast Blunt Force Truth . The series was previously called Save us Chuck Woolery and has become extremely successful within conservative, political circles.

What do you think of Chuck Woolery's Easter message and his special mention of Jesus's crucifixion?


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