Adrienne Houghton Reveals She's All For A Cheetah Girls Reunion!

Adrienne Houghton Reveals She's All For A Cheetah Girls Reunion!
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It turns out that Adrienne Houghton would not hesitate to reprise her Cheetah Girls role if a new project were to happen! As you may know, the first movie came out sixteen years ago and fans have been waiting for a reboot for a very long time.

While at a launch party for her jewelry line XIXI’s latest collection, Houghton chatted with ET, revealing that she is all for a Cheetah Girls reunion.

‘We've heard the conversations from the fans, and that's definitely something they want. I personally would never say never, but there is something to be said for not ruining anyone's childhood either. It was a great thing then, and I think some things should be left untouched. It was awesome then and let's not ruin the legacy of the Cheetah Girls,’ the actress stated.

Houghton admitted that she is worried a new film might not live up to the high expectations of fans but she made it very clear that she would ‘absolutely’ do it anyway if the opportunity arose.

‘I'm Chuchie for life.  feel like Chuchie would be a daytime talk show host. I feel like she had a lot to say and she kept it very cheetahlicious and she had a strong opinion. I think she probably would have had a solo career. She was very confident - a lot more confident than I am in real life - and I would say, maybe a fashion designer as well,’ the star added.

Houghton also revealed that she and co-star Raven Symoné have remained very close throughout the years.

She gushed over Raven, making sure to express how much she loves her.

Apparently, they’ve talked about ‘how crazy’ it would be if they did another Cheetah Girls movie or any other type of reunion project many times!