Christina Aguilera Says She's Done Dieting Despite Still Being 'Hypercritical' Of Her Body Image At Times

Christina Aguilera Says She's Done Dieting Despite Still Being 'Hypercritical' Of Her Body Image At Times
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The singer is learning to ‘accept’ her ‘individual beauty’ and has decided to no longer go on diets even though she still struggles with anxiety over her body image. Christina Aguilera opened up about this and more during a candid new interview.

That’s right! The star has been battling anxiety over her image for a long time but despite that, she insists that she is done with diets and that she no longer cares what others think about her and her looks.

Christina Aguilera also admitted during her L’Officiel Italia interview that she can indeed be ‘hypercritical’ about herself at times but that she’s really been trying her best to ‘push’ herself to be the best version she can be.

‘I have clashed with my anxieties often and with being hypercritical of myself, but I've never stopped looking for new ways to just push myself further, without also neglecting to protect myself,’ the songstress shared with the news outlet.

Aguilera mentioned that she is well aware some people may not think she’s ‘perfect’ or even ‘pretty’ but as far as she is concerned, they need to ‘get over’ themselves and accept she will no longer go on diets to change her uniqueness to fit any social standards of beauty.

‘I’m not going on a diet, just get over it … Each of us is an individual and people judge you based on differences, on what makes you unique. You have to accept beauty and to hell with everything else. True beauty for me is the ability to know yourself and project what you are in an unmistakable light. Not always pretty, and far from perfect, but pure.’

The celeb also had some valuable advice for others going through similar things, telling people to be ‘kind’ to themselves, ‘We are all walking on the path of inner research, it's our work as humans and each one follows a different path, so makes no sense to make comparisons. Swim in your lane. If you waste your time looking over your shoulder to see what others are doing, you lose sight of it.’

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