Chrissy Teigen Trashes Ivanka Trump For Posting About Her Kids On Twitter

Chrissy Teigen Trashes Ivanka Trump For Posting About Her Kids On Twitter
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Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's daughter, has been criticized by many celebrities for supposedly turning a "blind eye" to issues such as family separation at the border. In the eyes of her detractors, this contrasts with Ivanka's claims to be an advocate for children and women.

According to a report from, Chrissy Teigen is one of a few celebrities who appear to like trashing Ivanka on social media, with the other one being Scarlett Johansson. During a chat with Melissa Harris-Perry at the Democrats' annual Issues Conference, the supermodel gave her opinion.

Teigen, seated beside her husband, John Legend, slammed Mrs. Trump for posting about the importance of family while others have had their children removed by ICE and other border control agencies.

According to Teigen, the images of children being taken from their parents is a result of the Trump administration's zero-tolerance against illegal immigration. You can see what Teigen had to say about Ivanka, Donald, and his government in the Twitter post below:

According to Teigen, an additional part of the scandal that bothers her is the ability for Ivanka to sit at home with her children in safety, while others are not able to do the same thing. Ironically, one could make the same argument against Mrs. Teigen.

As it was previously reported, Donald Trump's administration came under heavy fire last year when it was revealed that one of his policies supposedly saw children separated at the United States-Mexico border. Many people were outraged to see such a thing had gone on.

Fans know that Chrissy is one of Trump's most vocal celebrity critics. Previously, the Sports Illustrated model trashed the president on Twitter when the courts ruled he could no longer ban people from viewing his presidential Twitter account.

The idea behind the ruling being: the use of Twitter by public officials means that it's a public platform, and the right of a citizen to see what an official has to say is a necessity.


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