Chris Pratt Controversial T-Shirt Choice Sparks Social Media Debate - Is Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Husband A Racist?

Chris Pratt Controversial T-Shirt Choice Sparks Social Media Debate - Is Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Husband A Racist?
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Chris Pratt is being dragged by social media for wearing a controversial t-shirt that now has some fans labeling Katherine Schwarzenegger's husband a racist.

The 39-year-old newlywed was photographed on Sunday wearing a t-shirt that is a mixture of the Gadsden flag and the modern-day American flag Continental Army Brigade General Christopher Gadsden designed the Gadsden flag during the American Revolution. It's design, features a coiled rattlesnake over the words "Don't Tread Me."

Although over the years the design has been used by the US Men's Soccer team, as well as the group Metallica, the right-winged political groups have also adapted it.

The latter is what has caused such an uproar when it is worn in today's American climate. According to The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the design has been known to "convey racially-tinged messages in some contexts."

Since the design can be racially charged, as well as the t-shirt Pratt wore having the American flag on it, several Twitter users have blasted the actor as a racist. The white supremacy ties to the t-shirt have fans believing Pratt is making a significant statement and not a good one.

"Nice shirt... Only people I see with that flag are alt-right racists," Tweeted @chompsky5

"Unfollowed already. Haven't liked him since Parks & Rec anyhow, and I can easily cancel him in that too. @prattprattpratt hope those bigots pay you a good paycheck. Bye girl," shared @crisismattie

However not all social media users are jumping on the bandwagon to label the Avengers: Endgame star a racist or white supremacist. Some firmly believe people are blowing it out of portion and attempting to turn a simple t-shirt choice into unnecessary drama for the actor.

"This is next level stupid: People calling Chris Pratt a white supremacist for wearing a shirt with the Gadsden flag on it," Tweeted @scrowder

"Chris Pratt isn't wearing a white supremacist shirt. That symbol has been used since the revolution. The snake had 13 parts, and together they were strong, but apart, they were worthless. It was to gather support for independence from Britain, not white supremacy," wrote @ben_is_upset

Hunky Hollywood star Chris Pratt has found himself under fire for an outfit choice he wore over the weekend. The actor has not responded to all the social media backlash nor has his beautiful wife.

What do you think, is Pratt wearing the "Don't Tread Me" have an underlying meaning?


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