New Cast Members Allegedly Added To Vanderpump Rules -- Here's How The OG's Are Reacting!

New Cast Members Allegedly Added To Vanderpump Rules -- Here's How The OG's Are Reacting!
Credit: Source: EW

Vanderpump Rules may be a totally different show when it returns for its eighth season. According to a new report, producers are testing out new people to add to the cast.

The latest installment has already started filming and there have been three major storylines that are probably going to make the final cut. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's wedding , Billie Lee's possible goodbye , and a weird claim from Lance Bass that Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney aren't really married .

Hollywood life reported that there may be some fresh faces also joining the roster.

'The regular main cast has been told there will be several new cast members this season. But, they’re being kept in the dark about who will actually be shown, so it’s stressful. The new cast members mainly work at Sur, though some don’t.'

The news has got some of the OG's shook and scrambling to keep relevancy. Jax even invited his mortal enemy to his 40th birthday party.

'Jax even allowed James and Raquel to come to his birthday party this past weekend. Everyone was stunned to see them there after everything that has gone down.'

Additionally, LVP will not play as big of a part as she usually does in the upcoming season which is completely understandable after her tragic loss and busy schedule.

'She’s been filming a lot less, mainly because she’s so busy with Vanderpump Vegas and Vanderpump Dogs. Plus, she really wants to open a new restaurant or have a plan in place this year.'

One of the reasons that Lisa Vanderpump's spin-off worked so well is because he SURvers were friends in real life dealing with real drama while sharing the same workplace.

Do you think messing with that formula is a good idea? Would you like to see new faces join the series?

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