Chris Hemsworth Is Supportive Of Brother Liam's Split From Miley Cyrus

Chris Hemsworth Is Supportive Of Brother Liam's Split From Miley Cyrus
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Apparently, Liam Hemsworth's brother, Chris, is just fine with Miley and Liam's breakup. Us Magazine reported earlier this week that Chris was more than supportive of his brother's decision to end his marriage to the pop star, Miley Cyrus.

During an interview with News, the Australian website, the 36-year-old Avengers: Endgame alum shared that Liam has since surpassed both he and his brother, Luke, as the most jacked among all of them. He's been busy working out and getting into great shape over the last few months.

Chris joked with the outlet, "I think he's done it," before asking if the reporter saw the recent cover of Men's Health. Chris said to the interviewer, "I thought, 'Not bad kid. Not bad.'" According to Chris, Liam's shift in priorities began when he finally returned to his native country, Australia.

Chris explained that he and the rest of the family convinced Liam to get back to Australia, and since then, he's in tip-top shape and doing well. "We got him out of Malibu!" the actor exclaimed.

As most know, Liam and Cyrus, 27, dated intermittently for an entire decade before finally getting married two years ago in December. They lived in Malibu, California, for approximately three years until they split up last year in August.

Liam and Miley previously stated that the California wildfires, in some way, actually brought them together. Fans of the former couple know their house burned down, and the tragedy actually solidified their romance, almost artificially so.

While both parties have remained silent regarding their separation, the same thing can't be said for others close to the Hemsworth family. During an interview with Hola!, in November of last year, Chris' partner, Elsa Pataky, told the world what she really thought about the breakup.

She said Liam deserved "much better" than what he had. The 43-year-old model said at the time that Liam had devoted a lot of time to that relationship, so he was pretty depressed after it ended. He's doing a lot better now, however.

Miley Cyrus has been dating Cody Simpson since her split with Liam.

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