Brad Pitt's Appearance On HGTV Series Was A Record Breaking Episode

Brad Pitt's Appearance On HGTV Series Was A Record Breaking Episode
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According to a new report from Cheat Sheet, Brad Pitt's recent appearence on the brand new reality TV series, Celebrity IOU, was a massive hit. In fact, the actor's appearence on the show was a record-breaker for the network.

Yahoo claims the audience brought in around 2.6 million viewers, meaning that it was the second most-watched original episode. On the 13th of April, the premiere was HGTV GO's most viewed episode ever, and it was also very popular on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

As fans of the show know, it's hosted by the real estate developers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, who first came to prominence in reality TV on the program, Property Brothers. Celebrity IOU, however, performs a different role.

The show is different from other programs in the sense that it revolves around celebrities as they help to renovate the homes of people in need. Some of the other stars to appear on the show this season includes Rebel Wilson, Viola Davis, Michael Bublé, Melissa McCarthy, and Jeremy Renner.

In the first episode of the program, Pitt helped the Property Brothers renovate a home for Jean Black, who is a successful makeup artist and close friend. But rather than standing back and letting all of them do all the work, Pitt joined in as well.

When the finished product was finally revealed, Pitt couldn't help himself but tear up in front of audiences at home. He gave Jean a hug after it was all completed. The Scott Brothers, notably, were completely impressed by Brad's "down-to-earth nature."

Sources close to the production told Yahoo that Mr. Pitt took the time out of his day to make sure he got to know everyone involved in the series. He also talked with all of the construction guys who helped renovate the home.

According to Cheat Sheet, part of the reason why public opinion has shifted in Brad's favor regarding his dispute with Angelina Jolie are appearances such as the aforementioned participation on Celebrity IOU.

Additionally, Pitt gave a few down-to-earth speeches this past year, including at the SAG Awards in which he took shots at himself and legends like Quentin Tarantino.

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