Chris Evans Reveals His First Reaction To Seeing Ana De Armas As Marilyn Monroe In Blonde

Chris Evans Reveals His First Reaction To Seeing Ana De Armas As Marilyn Monroe In Blonde
Credit: Mike Windle

Ana de Armas has recently seen a string of successes which blasted her into the mainstream of the film industry. She has been an actor for quite a while but the roles which really got her noticed were her performances in films like Blade Runner 2049, Knives Out, The Gray Man and most recently the James Bond film No Time To Die which served as the send of to Daniel Craig's version of Bond. In 2 of these films, Knives out and The Gray Man, Ana de Armas starred alongside Captain America actor, Chris Evans and the two seem to have developed a healthy platonic relationship.

Both actors performed excellently in the 2 movies they shared and had good chemistry with each other on the screen which they apparently share off the screen as well.

Following the success of No Time To Die, Ana de Armas began work on Blonde , a film that follows the life of American Icon, Marilyn Monroe . First footage released from the film showed Ana transforming completely and looking very much like the late Hollywood Icon, attracting fascinated fans, and now, in the latest news, the film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and apparently received a 14 minute long standing ovation after it ended.

In an interview with Variety, Chris Evans recently spoke about how he already knew Ana was going to give an incredible performance, perhaps even Oscar-worthy, when he saw the camera test she did for the film. He explained it in the following words:

“I think this was one of the first opportunities she had to really sink her teeth into something incredibly demanding. I didn’t see one bit of fear; I saw excitement. I remember looking at [her camera test] and saying, ‘OK, that’s Marilyn … where’s your shot? That’s you? Holy s--t! You’re going to win an Oscar for this!’”

Fans and critics have had mixed feeling about Blonde in the anticipation and speculation period, but the results will soon speak for themselves and an Oscar is definitely not being ruled out.



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