Chris Brown's Daughter Royalty Shows Off Her Singing Talent And Sass In Cute Clip!

Chris Brown's Daughter Royalty Shows Off Her Singing Talent And Sass In Cute Clip!
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The singer can’t stop posting cute pics and vids of his children on social media! It’s no secret that father of two, Chris Brown loves being a parent more than anything else which is why he’s pretty much turned his online platforms into fan pages for his daughter Royalty and infant son, Aeko!

This time around, Brown shared a super adorable video of his firstborn singing and showing off her sassiness, much to the enjoyment of his followers, who can’t get enough of the 5 year old’s antics either!

Judging by the clip, it appears that Royalty has definitely inherited her dad’s musical talent and charisma.

The clip shows her confidently singing along to Little Bit by MattyBRaps and the Haschak Sister and her dad could not help but capture the moment and share it with his millions of followers.

The little girl can be seen with her phone on a pink and blue lanyard, singing along to the Haschak Sisters’ part on the track.

MattyB asks in the lyrics: ‘hey girl you like me a little bit?’ the next part being ‘no, I don’t even like you a little bit,’ so she delivers it with as much sass as she can muster!

The child managed to not only sing with the appropriate attitude to fit the song but she also did a great job as far as her vocal skills are concerned!

And as always, she also looked fashionable and super cute in a grey sweater with a green Louis Vuitton print.

As she was dancing to the beat, her beautiful curly hair was also swinging back and forth. Royalty is just born to be a star, without a doubt!

This is not even the first time she proves that she shares her dad’s musical talent.

In fact, Chris has brought her on stage many times before, encouraging her to show off her talent in front of his audience.


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