Chris Brown's Daughter Royalty Proves She Is A Natural At Yoga - Check Out The Video!

Chris Brown's Daughter Royalty Proves She Is A Natural At Yoga - Check Out The Video!
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Chris Brown’s daughter, Royalty, proved that she’s already a pro at yoga even though she is only five years old! In a clip posted on her Instagram account, the little girl showed off her skills and it's safe to say all of her followers were impressed!

Royalty is quite involved in an array of different hobbies and it seems like yoga might be her latest interest.

Nia Guzman, her mother, was the one who shared the clip since she manages her account on Instagram.

The footage featured the 5 year old watching a how-to yoga video for kids and following along with the moves on the screen.

The clip seems to have been posted in order to promote Ninja Focus, an app meant to help young ones perfect yoga poses as well as learn all the basics of meditation.

But just because it was seemingly a sponsorship, that’s not to say little Royalty was not into what she was learning from the instructional video.

In fact, she seemed to really enjoy it!

It may be difficult for most 5 year olds to stay still enough to do something like yoga.

However, Royalty proved once again that she is mature beyond her years and did a variety of poses all the while looking relaxed and calm.

All in all, she was a natural and she did not get distracted one bit, paying close attention to the instructions and following along.

In the meantime, Royalty’s dad has welcomed a son with Ammika Harris.

His name is Aeko and while it’s unclear whether or not she’s met her baby brother yet, her mom also welcomed a baby girl earlier this year, so it’s safe to say she’s already used to being a great big sister!


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