Madonna - Here's How She Reportedly Feels About Wendy Williams Shaming Her For PDA With 25 Year Old

Madonna - Here's How She Reportedly Feels About Wendy Williams Shaming Her For PDA With 25 Year Old
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Wendy Williams previously slammed Madonna, calling her a ‘grandma’ and suggesting she’s ‘afraid to age gracefully’ after being romantically linked to a 25-year-old man! Now, one insider report claims to know how the legendary performer feels about the talk show host’s comments.

As it turns out, Madonna is not hurt at all and she apparently thinks Wendy’s words have their roots in ageism!

In other words, Madonna continues to be herself no matter what others may say about her.

But while she couldn’t care less that Wendy Williams slammed her, she is concerned about age-shaming in general.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Wendy Williams is simply being ageist and it’s not okay. Madonna's constantly fighting against ageism, she is constantly getting judged for not being young enough and it is really sad and tiresome. In Wendy’s case, it is extra sad because she is not much younger than Madonna. Wendy should be supporting her fight against ageism, not tearing her down.’

They went on to stress that Madonna has no plans to clap back, however: ‘At the end of the day, Wendy’s opinion doesn’t matter to Madonna. She is so used to people judging her, and if Wendy wants to add to the noise, so be it.’

It all started with some pics of Madonna and a backup dancer, 36 years her junior, looking cozy in Miami.

While discussing them during her Hot Topics segment, Wendy said she felt ‘bad’ for Madonna since she thought she had become one of those old women who don’t understand that it’s ‘Okay to age gracefully.’

The snaps of Madonna and the 25-year-old dancer showed them enjoying the Miami view from a hotel balcony as he kept an arm around her waist.

Other pics featured him rubbing her shoulders or being shirtless.

Of course, it’s yet to be confirmed that the two are romantically involved but they did look pretty comfortable with one another so the suspicions make sense.

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