Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Lands In Trouble For Posting This Sizzling Photo Where She Leaves Nothing To The Imagination After Giving Birth

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Lands In Trouble For Posting This Sizzling Photo Where She Leaves Nothing To The Imagination After Giving Birth
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It has been over a week since Chris Brown and his on-and-off girlfriend, Ammika Harris, welcomed their baby boy into the world.

The public has yet to see a photo of Chris' baby boy nor learn his name. However, thanks to rumors and the endless clues that Ammika and Chris have been spreading on social media -- it seems that they have selected the name, Aeko, a play on Echo, for their child.

Chris is already dad to a little girl named Royalty. As fans keep lurking social media hoping to get a glimpse of the baby, Ammika has been posting one sexy photo shoot after the other.

The model recently shared a hot shot where she is wearing nothing but gloves and several bracelets.


One fan said: "Is that another way to say indigo, which is probably the baby’s name? Gurrrlllll got me on Prince Purple Rain vibes....gorgeous."

This backer revealed: "The most beautiful mother in the world ❤️Well hope y’all together. I love Chris SO NUCH been a huge fan. Too many BM...not enough men are actually committing to ONE woman. Congratulations on the baby boy 👍👍 Welcome to the world Aiko/ Aeko /Echo ♥️I bet this is from your maternity shoot, omg drop them 😩😩😩😩😩🥰🥰."

This critic bashed Ammika who described herself as "Blasian with Cherokee blood" for celebrating thanksgiving: "How do you celebrate a holiday that is about killing your Cherokee blood? Oh wait, it’s 'cause you’re not black nor Cherokee. We’ve seen your parents sis, no black in sight. Got it."

Meanwhile, a friend of Chris's said this to Hollywood Life about the arrival of the bundle of joy: “Chris is happy with being a father again. He is really looking forward to getting Royalty involved in everything and expects her to be the most amazing big sister ever.”

The person went on to share: “He loves the fact that he has a daughter and a son, and he now feels complete. He dreams of their future and is really looking forward to seeing what both his kids grow up to be. Fatherhood has changed Chris for the better, and now having a son, it is really making the important things in life come to the front.”
This seems like a new era for the R&B superstar.

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  • Greta
    Greta Dec 8, 2019 4:59 PM PST

    She's Gorgeous nothing wrong with her pictures

  • Kasaija Gaspa
    Kasaija Gaspa Dec 6, 2019 11:19 PM PST

    Its all good, I like the easy uou guys Express your things

  • Janeisha
    Janeisha Dec 4, 2019 4:30 AM PST

    I think she is beautiful and I Don't see anything inappropriate about her pics. Many woman post pictures of themselves and if you Don't it's cause you're ashamed of who Yu are or what Yu look like. We came into this world naked 😍 and in the Bible it only became shameful because sin was introduced. Love yourself always and never worry what other people think it say 💕

  • Pmor
    Pmor Dec 2, 2019 7:48 AM PST

    Your body is supposed to be the most sacred thing why must young ladies exploit themselves like a Christmas gift some packages are in their most beautiful form when they're wrapped up leaving room for the imagination some women have young daughters reverse the roles how would you feel if your daughter was posting in the same pics as you

  • JJ
    JJ Dec 2, 2019 4:43 AM PST

    Sad that people in our society just like to get a spark/rise out of people, stating "facts" of who you are is what's important!!! That gives you entitelment💜💜👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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