Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Is Accused Of Photoshopping Her Son, Aeko's Latest Picture, And She Claps Back

Chris Brown's Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Is Accused Of Photoshopping Her Son, Aeko's Latest Picture, And She Claps Back
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Ammika Harris, who shares an adorable baby boy with singer Chris Brown, often finds herself defending her post on social media.

This week, the model, who is currently in Germany, took to Instagram, where she delighted fans with an innocent picture of her son Aeko Brown.

In the picture, the little boy is busy sucking his finger while holding on to a teddy bear.

A critic was quick to jump in the comment section and make this rude remark: "That baby is so white."

Ammika, the mama bear, came out swinging by saying: "And beyond BEAUTIFUL ❤️." She added: "WHAT NOW? please rethink this again."

She also said: "U really think I photoshop my child to look like this? 😳 😳😳"

One fan defended the new mom: "And what does it matter if it is white? For his mom, he is perfect as he is. Genetics is unpredictable when I was a baby I was also white like aeko, and my dad is dark-haired. I am almost identical to him. You shouldn't criticize a baby that's not yours. Please stop entertaining negative bs stupidity. You know your son is CLEARLY absolutely beautiful, and we can ALL attest to that!! ❤️"

Another commenter stated: "Why always give your energy to negativity people? Remember what u posted yesterday? And u said read it again maybe u should too. Not being mean, but all we see is u responding to hate comments, and u are giving them your energy as you respond to them, which means that they are winning. U have a lot of people showing and giving you positive energy, so exchange your energy with that and not just your friends or. Get love back spread negativity/hate. Get negativity/hate back. Saying this just pick your battles for the greater good and not just to get reactions from people or having them gang upon them. U don’t know what they are going through and how much those comments can affect them just as much they affect u. Blessings ❤️"

This supporter revealed: "Oh, Aeko, you are such a stud 😍 can’t wait to see you soon. Beautiful don't listen to anything these haters got to say they are haters they were always trying to put somebody down or try to put salt in someone's game don't listen to any of these haters honey you're beautiful your baby's beautiful Chris Brown Love the baby and he loved his baby's mama so all this Karachi bullcrap your way beautiful than her trust and believe this she's fine where she at and you find where you at with your beautiful baby boy forget about."

Ammika is showing her personality.

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