Kandi Burruss Shares More Family Pics From Blaze Tucker's Baby Shower And Fans Call Mama Joyce, 'Selfish And Immature'

Kandi Burruss Shares More Family Pics From Blaze Tucker's Baby Shower And Fans Call Mama Joyce, 'Selfish And Immature'
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Kandi Burruss made some fans happy a few days ago when she shared a family photo from baby Blaze Tucker's baby shower. People were happy to see Kandi and Todd's daughters, Riley Burruss and Kaela Tucker as well.

Now, the RHOA star is sharing more pics, and fans cannot get enough of this big, beautiful family. Check out the photos below.

'Family means the world to me! Here’s just a few pics of some of them at our baby shower, but it so many more of them!' Kandi captioned her post.

One follower said: 'Soooooo you’re not going to tag the ppl...... only asking about one in particular,' and someone else brought up Kandi's mom: 'Sweet Kandi. I pray Joyce can learn to Love you more than she hates Todd one day! 🙏'

Lots of people said that Kandi's mom should have been there as well, regardless of the reasons for which she missed the event.

A commenter said: 'Your mom should have put her feelings aside and come to support you, her daughter and her granddaughter, regardless of what happened with Todd. It was very selfish and immature of her to miss it due to a misunderstanding.'

Someone else posted this: 'nobody knows what’s really going on in the back scene of all this,' and one other follower wrote: 'I think she just didn't want to see Kandi's father...used Todd as an excuse.'

Another Instagrammer told Kandi: 'It was really difficult to see these last 2 episodes... the conflict with you and Todd and then...the conflict w/ Todd and Mama Joyce again was like damn 😕 Alao thinking about how you’re “too busy” or prioritizing “work over family” is some weird shit. Fathers can be weekend Dad’s and say they weren’t around because they were providing and XYZ but YOU, as a woman, get guilt-tripped for being a go-getter, independent and money maker. Of course, you didn’t have to take that toll on The-Chi but if you were a man, would this even come up? I hope y’all can work it out ❤️❤️'

Another commenter said: 'I agree. She's so exhausting on the show lol season after season. She just can't let Todd be.'

Someone else posted this message: 'You’re my fave Kandi you keep it 100 💯 I love you 💕 you’re so funny cute and talented babe.'

One other follower wrote: 'we all know reality tv creates narratives and drama for ratings...but regardless in this cause it was quite embarrassing for her Kandi.'

What do you think about Mama Joyce not attending the event?

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