Chris Brown Gifts Daughter Royalty A Huge Stack Of Money On Christmas - Check Out The Cute Video!

Chris Brown Gifts Daughter Royalty A Huge Stack Of Money On Christmas - Check Out The Cute Video!
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Chris Brown is no stranger to being a doting father so, his Christmas presents for daughter Royalty, were no surprise! The singer gifted the child a pricy Balenciaga sweats set and even a Disney cruise but that was not all!

The man decided that the kindergartner could use some cash as well!

That’s right! Chris Brown included in his daughter’s Christmas present a stack of cash!

Not only that but Royalty’s mother, Nia Guzman, made sure to film the moment the kid received it and judging by how much she was smiling, it’s safe to say that she really appreciated it!

After capturing her reaction to the dollar bills, the mom shared the cute moment on Royalty’s Instagram page that she manages.

The gift of money was actually handed to her inside a second present – a silver purse.

The father and daughter duo opened the gift box together and the look on the child’s face upon discovering it was really precious.

Upon seeing the stack of bills, Chris faked a surprised gasp as his daughter started to giggle.

‘Look at all this money,’ Chris exclaimed and even the mom behind the camera seemed surprised.

He went on: ‘Oh my goodness, what in the world!? You see all this money you got?’

Royalty, who was wearing a Christmas appropriate sparkly red dress smiled throughout the whole clip.

In the caption, the mom and Chris’ ex wrote ‘Dads the best! 😝🎁❤️’ from Royalty’s point of view.

Obviously, all of these cool and fun presents he gave her this year are nothing compared to the baby brother Chris gifted his firstborn.

As you know, he and Ammika Harris welcomed a baby boy last month that they named Aeko.

About this new addition to the family, one source shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Chris could not wait to reveal the birth of his son to the whole world but he wanted to wait until Ammika was fully on board before they both made the decision to officially make the big announcement.’


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