Chet Hanks Defends Himself Again For Using The Jamaican Accent

Chet Hanks Defends Himself Again For Using The Jamaican Accent
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The son of the legendary actor, Tom Hanks , hasn't always been a fan favorite. Chet Hanks has sparked controversy in a number of ways over the last few years, including for his beef with Howard Stern as well as the time that he imitated a Jamaican accent during a ceremony where Tom was accepting an award.

Page Six says Chet was asked by a journalist this week about the infamous social media skirmish in which he was put on blast for imitating a Jamaican accent. In response to the old school controversy, Chet said he "wasn't trying to offend anybody."

The 30-year-old conducted an interview this week on Clubhouse, and he was asked whether he would imitate the accent around people who weren't "sympathetic" to the Caribbean culture. Chet responded by comparing his patois imitation to that of a man imitating a British accent after watching an English film.

Chet said it wasn't coming from a place where he was "sh*tting" on those people, it was done more in admiration. Twitter users responded by claiming that English people "were not oppressed." As it was previously reported, Hanks sparked a lot of controversies when he appeared at the 2020 Golden Globes back in January.

He imitated a patois accent and was subsequently put on blast on social media. In response to the social media backlash, Chet released a clip with the title, "Chet Chat Vol. VI (Part 2): Cultural Appropriation," where he explained why he thought there was nothing wrong with using the accent.

Chet Hanks family never bothered to comment on the controversy in the aftermath, including his father, Tom, and his brother, Colin. Tom, on the other hand, has been in the headlines for controversial subjects as well, but in an entirely different way.


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