Madelyn Cline Says She Struggled Terribly With Eating Disorders Over The Years

Madelyn Cline Says She Struggled Terribly With Eating Disorders Over The Years
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According to Madelyn Cline, she has struggled with eating disorders in the past, mostly when she was a teenager. Page Six picked up on an interview with Cline this week from Women's Health, in which the 22-year-old actress shared what it was like to finally beat her illness.

"Self-love is a constant journey," the 22-year-old explained, adding that when she was much younger, she severely limited her caloric intake and she began working out a ton. The star says she would wake up in the morning every day at 5:00 am and would do a thirty-minute exercise session.

Cline says she would eat just a handful of almonds in the morning because she didn't want to undo what she had just done on the treadmill. Cline went on to say that it quickly turned into a terrible habit, one in which she stopped feeding herself the protein she needed.

More importantly, her rigorous workouts meant that her body needed a lot of protein, but she denied that to herself. At that time, she had other physically demanding hobbies as well, including things like weight-lifting and dancing.

Compounded with her poor diet and intense training routine, she started to get incredibly skinny and malnourished. According to Cline, all of the work she had done wasn't getting her the body she wanted, so she started to starve herself.

As for where all of this started, Madelyn admits that she was like many other teenage girls. She wanted to look like certain female figures and celebrities with their "unrealistic body types." According to the young actress, her family helped her a lot with understanding who she really is.

She says her family taught her that she just didn't have the same body type as her famous role models, and that was totally ok. Madelyn came to understand that she had her own body type, and it was "perfectly fine."

According to Madelyn, her mother once stood in the mirror with her and they started a list of all the things she liked about her body. Madelyn says she learned that she loved her hips , her curves, and many other parts of herself.

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