Chad Johnson's Attorney Says Domestic Abuse Trial Is Halted For Now Due To Coronavirus

Chad Johnson's Attorney Says Domestic Abuse Trial Is Halted For Now Due To Coronavirus
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Chad Johnson found himself in trouble earlier this year due to his domestic abuse case which he later addressed on his social media account.

Page Six reported a few days ago that Mr. Johnson's case was postponed by just three days due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, his lawyer argues that it could be postponed even further back yet.

During a conversation with the outlet, Action Lavictch, from Los Angeles, claimed that it was logical for the government to prioritize other more important issues in the meantime. Avictch claimed that his client's arraignment would not help the nation achieve its goal of "flattening the curve" of the coronavirus' spread.

Action went on to say that the infection rates would likely continue to climb as the days go by. As it was previously reported, the 32-year-old reality star was initially expected to be in court on the 17th of March, Tuesday.

He's up against not one but six misdemeanor charges for his fight with Annalise Mishler. A spokesperson for the Office of LA City Attorney, Mike Feuer, said to the outlet this Tuesday that the defendant would likely be arraigned on Friday.

On Monday, the LA Superior Court dropped a tweet in which they revealed that "non-essential" court proceedings would be re-scheduled for now. Legal professionals like judges and lawyers lobbied the government to close the courts in the meantime, or at least reduce them to minimum capacity.

Mr. Johnson was apprehended by the authorities on the 24th of February after he purportedly had a mild physical confrontation with Mishler. Johnson later explained his actions on social media.

Three days after his arrest, Johnson shared a social media post in which he explained, in his own words, what happened. He claimed he went over to her house one evening after a fight, and when she discovered he had downloaded a dating app and became enraged, he threw her phone.

He was charged with robbery for grabbing her phone and tossing it outside. Chad claims he was also charged for a domestic disturbance due to the loud noises from the altercation.

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