Are Amanda Bynes And Paul Michael Still Together?

Are Amanda Bynes And Paul Michael Still Together?
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Not long after revealing the news to the world, Amanda Bynes and her fiancé, Paul Michael, deleted the Instagram post announcing her pregnancy. Page Six reported on the photos the couple revealed last week including an ultrasound.

Michael wrote in the post, "baby in the making." And on Wednesday morning, Michael and his fiancée deleted the posts. As fans of the couple know, it's been a busy year for both of them, especially after they revealed their engagement during Valentine's Day weekend.

Outside of an International House of Pancakes, the couple declared their love for each other by making out for all to see. After the breakup was reported in the media, Michael came out to say that it wasn't true and both of their accounts had been hacked.

According to Michael, both of their IG accounts were compromised and someone sent them DMs claiming they had broken up. However, none of it was true. Family of Amanda Bynes, including her family, is concerned for her wellbeing as she continues to get inpatient treatment.

Earlier today, Suzy Kerr reported that Amanda Bynes had been checked into a mental health treatment facility. Her lawyers reportedly told the press that she had been admitted. Back in December, following a two-month break, Bynes admitted she and Paul were getting married after first meeting in the sober-living facility.

At the moment, their relationship, at least in their fans' eyes, appears to be sporadic and uncertain. Some reports have claimed they're still together and were never broken up, to begin with, while others claim they're separating for good.

Previously, it was revealed that Bynes' mother felt as if she wasn't in the mental state to take care of herself. It was reported back in February of this year that while Bynes was trying to eliminate her conservatorship, her mother thought it wasn't a great idea .

An insider speaking with Us Magazine claimed Lynn doesn't have an issue with Amanda changing her conservatorship status, but she still doesn't think the Easy A star is in the right state for it yet.

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