Catelynn Lowell Fires Back At Mom-Shamers Criticizing Her For Not Breastfeeding Her Baby

Catelynn Lowell Fires Back At Mom-Shamers Criticizing Her For Not Breastfeeding Her Baby
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The Teen Mom star was mom-shamed for no longer breastfeeding her baby and she clapped back in an epic way! Catelynn Lowell made it very clear that it’s her business and her business alone if she breastfeeds or not!

During the latest episode of the show, Catelynn and her hubby, Tyler Baltierra talked about the pros and cons of breastfeeding one’s infant.

Seeing how the latter outweighed the first, she decided to stop, but that choice came with quite a bit of hate online.

In an Instagram post that she shared earlier today, Catelynn went on to defend her decision.

Alongside a meme reading ‘My breasts, my baby, my business. Your permission or approval is not required,’ she included her own point of view in the caption.

She wrote: ‘Yes! People always speak about the great parts of nursing (and it is an amazing thing) but I spoke about how difficult it was for me and people want to tear me down because of that? What you say does not affect me because my Vaeda's happy, healthy, chunky, smiley, and best of all FED! Mom's also mentally healthy and able to connect and bond with baby still!!’

‘Stop PUSHING girls to feel like they HAVE to breastfeed or they are not just as good of a mother! In my opinion #fedisbest and we need to support moms in whatever they choose….’

She ended her rant there but her many followers continued the discussion on this topic, showing the star a lot of support and respecting her choice most of the time!

The supporters made it very clear that breastfeeding is hard and besides, each mother can decide for their own baby what's best!


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