Carrie Ann Inaba Gives Kaitlyn Bristowe And Artem Chigvintsev Standing Ovation After Critique Drama

Carrie Ann Inaba Gives Kaitlyn Bristowe And Artem Chigvintsev Standing Ovation After Critique Drama
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

Carrie Ann Inaba received harsh criticism for her critiques about Artem Chigvintsev and Kaitlyn Bristowe's dances these past two weeks. On Monday, her opinion changed completely.

The pair danced on icons night where they scored a perfect ten score from each judge. However, Carrie took it to the next level when she actually gave a standing ovation to the two she judged so harshly before.

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'I know it's been a rough couple weeks, but I have to say...I just gotta give you a standing ovation. We push you because we want you to reach your ultimate...Everything about it was amazing.'

This comes after Artem questioned why the judges aren't on the same page when it comes to giving out the same scores. The shade was clearly directed at Carrie who would give them opinion-based critiques rather than technical.

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'My thought, No. 1 is, does content of the dance not count anymore? Because it’s weird to me when we supposedly have to pursue a certain type of dance. I’m not going to speak of any specific couples, but I feel like, is there some kind of a standard now what dance should look like, or what it shouldn’t? It’s hard because if you compare the content level of what Kaitlyn has been doing, which Derek actually appreciated and said, like, ‘That was actually amazing to see a real Paso Doble.’ Not just walking around the room and pretending to be a certain character.'

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Once the same thing happened for the second week in a row, people took to social media to accuse Carrie of having a personal grudge because she used to date Artem.

She claimed that she would not scale back her critiques because of 'bullying.'


Do you think that Carrie gave the couple a standing O because of pressure or because she thought they deserved it?


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