Nikki Bella Says Her Relationship With Artem After ‘DWTS’ Is So Much Better - ‘Night And Day!’

Nikki Bella Says Her Relationship With Artem After ‘DWTS’ Is So Much Better - ‘Night And Day!’
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The former WWE celeb opened up about her and Artem Chigvintsev ’s relationship during a new interview and she explained why it's better now than it's ever been! Nikki Bella also talked about their wedding plans, among other things!

As fans know, Artem had to spend most of his time away from his fiancee and their son not too long after welcoming the bundle of joy since he did another season of Dancing With the Stars.

That being said, it's no secret that this affected his relationship with Nikki Bella even though she tried her best to be supportive.

But now that he is no longer at work all the time and gets to spend quality time with her and their baby boy, Matteo, things could not be any better!

In fact, Nikki said it is like 'night and day' during an interview for HollywoodLife.

'Oh my gosh, it is so much better When they say it takes a village [to raise a baby], it truly takes a village. Matteo loves his dad. And not only does Matteo need his daddy, I need daddy. Artem's so helpful around the house with Matteo and it was a night and day difference for me.'

The new mom told the news outlet that their 7 month old now sleeps all throughout the night, which has obviously made things easier for the parents.

Furthermore, this also means that Nikki and Artem get more time to spend with just one another!

So how do they keep the romance alive in quarantine?

Nikki dished that 'You forget how important date night is, even on the couch. We watch The Bachelor on the couch together every week and we get our food ready, get our drinks, and do it in bed. We get so excited and it’s totally given us this spark. We can have mommy daddy time and we don’t have to worry about waking up Matteo. I just feel like we’re kind of back where we were before Matteo came in this world.'


As for the wedding, she mentioned that they are still hopeful it will take place this fall but they have nothing planned yet.


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