Nikki Bella Dragged For Going On Trips And Leaving Artem And Their Baby At Home - She Claps Back!

Nikki Bella Dragged For Going On Trips And Leaving Artem And Their Baby At Home - She Claps Back!
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After taking a couple of short trips away from her fiance, Artem Chigvintsev , and baby boy, Matteo, Nikki Bella was dragged on social media and now, she is clapping back! Check out what she had to say to the mom-shamers!

Nikki made it very clear that there was no reason for her to drag her beau and their baby along on such brief getaways.

Sure enough, the Dancing with the Stars pro and their 8 month old remained at home while Nikki and her twin, Brie, flew to St. Petersburg, FL, to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021 there.

She also made a quick trip to San Diego to see some friends.

Obviously, she sees no problem with any of it although some disagree.

While on The Bellas Podcast earlier today, she explained: 'No, I do not do vacations without my fiancé and baby. It is not like, ‘I hate you, I am leaving,’ or anything like that. So for all the haters and people who do not understand: Artem and I have an incredible relationship and understanding of like ‘Hey, if we can do these things and somebody can stay at home, let’s do that because it is better for our baby.'

She went on to stress that the Florida trip was strictly for 'business' and so it could not have been avoided.

Besides, she was only gone for a total of two days.

'I go there and back. I am not going to bring my family across the country for a few days, get my baby on Eastern Standard Time when he is Pacific Standard Time.'

As for her quick trip to San Diego, where she met some former Hooters co-workers from when she used to work there, she said:


'I was literally there for just 24 hours…And if you do not like what someone is doing in their life, why do you follow them? I am like, ‘You just wasted your own energy.'

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