Cardi B Says She'll 'Never' Release New Music Because Of THIS Reason!

Cardi B Says She'll 'Never' Release New Music Because Of THIS Reason!
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Cardi B fans have been looking forward to getting new music from the female emcee and it sounds like they might not get it, like, ever! During an Instagram Live session, Cardi chatted with her followers and at some point, someone asked when she was dropping new songs!

The star jokingly responded that they should give up hope since she will only release something when she sheds some extra pounds, which is ‘never!’

‘My single is coming when I lose weight. Never!’ she responded to the fan’s question.

However, she was quick to give back hope to everyone, adding that: ‘Nah, it’s coming real soon, I swear. And y’all gon’ love it.’

Ok, now fans can breathe a sigh of relief! Her tease comes nearly one full year since she dropped her latest official song, which is ‘Press.’

However, she’s also done a collab with Fat Joe and Anuel AA for the track titled ‘Yes’ in the meantime.

Earlier this month, Cardi teased a song by releasing some snippets.

Apparently, the track was written by the artist while she was still expecting her daughter, Kulture!

As for the weight loss joke, she may have mentioned not being happy with her quarantine weight but Cardi was obviously not being too serious about that since she showed off her body and massive new floral tattoo in a couple of pics just this past weekend!

The rapper was wearing nothing but a tiny green bathing suit so her new ink could be put on full display.

Looking at the pics, it’s safe to say that Cardi does not need to lose any weight and also that she is very confident about her looks.

The backside tattoo is now finished but Cardi has been keeping her followers posted on the process via her IG Stories.

The ink job done by tattoo artist Jamie Schene obviously took a bit of time since it’s so huge!

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