Cardi B Says It Will Take More Time Until Her Relationship With Offset Can Be 'Perfect' Again

Cardi B Says It Will Take More Time Until Her Relationship With Offset Can Be 'Perfect' Again
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This is a big weekend for Atlanta thanks to the Super Bowl. Cardi B is also headlining several parties there.

This also gives Cardi some time to spend with her Atlanta-native hubby Offset.

Cardi has recently spoken to People and said the following about her relationship with Offset:

'It’s a personal thing,' when it came to the status of her relationship. She added that 'I feel like we just really are a very regular couple.'

'I hang out with him, I talk to him every day, and we do our thing,' Cardi said about Offset.

'It’s just like — to make things perfect… it takes time. You know, f**king and hanging out doesn’t mean that you guys are on like a perfect note, it takes time. It takes time. And it’s a marriage, and there’s a child involved and family involved,' she concluded.

It was recently reported that Cardi was just making her way through LAX a couple of days ago, and she was caught FaceTiming the man .

Cardi confirmed to TMZ that Offset is her significant other, as reported by the online publication Hollywood Life.

The same online magazine has recently revealed that Cardi is telling her pals that  she and Offset are back together .

‘Cardi B is such a strong person on the outside, but on the inside, she’s an emotional girl,’ the source told the online magazine.

We'll have to wait some more and see where things are heading to for this couple, but so far it really looks like things are on the right track to reconciliation.

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