Cardi B Hilariously Calls Out Peppa Pig For Teaching Her Daughter Kulture To Stomp in Puddles!

Cardi B Hilariously Calls Out Peppa Pig For Teaching Her Daughter Kulture To Stomp in Puddles!
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The rapper took to her Twitter account to hilariously threaten Peppa Pig over influencing her daughter, Kulture to always stomp in puddles every time she sees one! Cardi B was very upset about that since her little girl has been ruining her expensive shoes by jumping in puddles because of the animated children's show!

As it turns out, many other parents related to Cardi's problem and took to the comment section to share their own experiences!

It all started with the WAP emcee tweeting at ‘Peppa Pig,' calling the character out and even threatening them!

Naturally, her fans could not help but laugh at the cheekiness and some agreed that the show has, indeed, been having a lot of influence over their own children as well in some other ways!

'My baby been watching peppa pig and now Everytime she sees a wet puddle she wants to stomp on top of it That s**t gets me so tight ! F**kin up her uggs……Deum you peppa pig …COUNT YOUR F**KIN DAYS!' she tweeted, also including a furious swearing emoji to express her anger.

It was, of course, not a serious threat, although the frustration is definitely real.

Cardi's followers were quick to flood the comment section with laughing emojis and stories of their own.

One fan wrote that 'I thought I was the only parent who's struggling! My daughter swears I am wrong for saying tomato. ‘nO mOmMy, iTs tA-MAHT-toe,' referring to the British accent.

And they were not the only ones having that problem, because a second follower also commented: 'Wait until Kulture starts speaking with a british accent [laughing emojis].'

That would be so adorable to see!


All in all, Cardi is doing a great job raising her daughter, with a little 'help' from Peppa Pig as well, of course!

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