Camila Cabello Reveals Shawn Mendes Would Likely Break Up With Her If She Wore A Cheesy T-Shirt

Camila Cabello Reveals Shawn Mendes Would Likely Break Up With Her If She Wore A Cheesy T-Shirt
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Camila Cabello recently joked about her relationship with Shawn Mendes while backstage at the 2019 B96 Jingle Bash on the 6th of December. The star, according to Just Jared, speculated on what would cause a breakup between the pair.

In Chicago, the 22-year-old singer was given a shirt that had the words written on it, "Mendes is my Bae." Cabello joked with reporters at the event that if she made plans with him and showed up wearing the shirt, he would honestly ask, "who is this girl?"

The journalist then suggested for her to walk out with the t-shirt on while Mendes is cooking in the kitchen, and Camila said in response that he would probably break up with her if she wore it. Camila and Shawn have faced breakup rumors before.

Reported by Nick Markus back in October of this year, both parties confirmed their relationship was going strong despite social media rumor and speculation.

As followers of the couple know, Mendes and Cabello first started dating around the same time as the release of their collaborative track, "Senorita," but since then, their romance has been marred by rumors of it all just being a publicity stunt in promotion of both of their careers.

Additionally, it doesn't help that for years, social media users have thought Shawn Mendes is secretly gay. Shawn even addressed these rumors directly at one point, stating that it was the cause of some emotional turmoil and disappointment.

According to a November 2018 report from iHeartRadio, Shawn said to journalists that fans of his should feel lucky he wasn't actually gay because it would be the cause of serious pain. The star claimed it was a sensitive issue, and many people are killed over it.

In April of 2018, Shawn addressed the rumors again and stated it made him mad because he felt for gay people out there who don't have the support system that he does.

Furthermore, Mendes and Cabello posted a video a few months back in which they were kissing, however, they deleted it and fans thought it was due to a breakup.

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