Bruce Willis And Demi Moore Are Dancing During Their Coronavirus Quarantine

Bruce Willis And Demi Moore Are Dancing During Their Coronavirus Quarantine
Credit: Source: Rumer Willis/Instagram

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are having way too much fun during their Coronavirus quarantine. Due to a medical glitch that happened to one of Bruce's young daughters with wife Emma Hemming Willis, he is now self-isolating in Idaho with ex-wife Demi Moore and their daughters Rumer, Scout, and  Tallulah. It's amazing to see a divorced couple getting along so well, especially under such extreme circumstances. Many people would find being holed up with their ex-spouse under a quarantine a living nightmare, but for Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, it is a time of celebration, joy, and happiness. Some people have even asked why the couple got divorced in the first place since they can get along so beautifully 22-years-later!

Rumer Willis, the couple's 31-year-old daughter, shared videos of her parents dancing during their quarantine and they quickly went viral. Rumer shared the footage on her official Instagram account where she has 795k followers.

At the beginning of the video, Bruce Willis is using an app that makes it appear he is going through a series of glamor shots. Next, Rumer can be heard saying the following to her parents.

"Act like you like each other."

It's unclear why she said that because the two do seem to like each other in their recent social media posts. As soon as Rumer made the statement, a voice could be heard in the background saying, "But not like that."

There's no doubt that many people are curious about the real nature of Bruce Willis' and Demi Moore's relationship simply because they are getting along so well during this quarantine!

Demi and Bruce obliged their daughter's demand and the two playfully joked around and then began dancing.

It's also been noticed that Demi Moore and Bruce Willis continue to wear matching outfits during their Coronavirus lockdown and today's videos were no exception. The pair both wore black outfits as they goofed off and danced with their children.

You may see video footage from Rumer Willis' Instagram featuring her parents Demi Moore and Bruce Willis below.

What do you think about Demi Moore and Bruce Willis quarantining together?

Could you spend more than a month holed up with your ex?

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