British Royalty Will Strip Harvey Weinstein Of His Title Following Rape Conviction

British Royalty Will Strip Harvey Weinstein Of His Title Following Rape Conviction
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A new report from Page Six this week claimed that Harvey Weinstein , who's currently sitting behind bars, is expecting to see his royal honor awarded by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004, stripped away for good following his rape conviction.

Last year, the court slapped Weinstein with 23 years in prison after a Manhattan jury found him guilty of predatory sexual assault, rape, and forcible sex. The 68-year-old is now about to lose his honorary CBE, which is an acronym for Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

The Sun reported this week that the Honours Forfeiture Committee will meet on Friday to discuss members of the group who have been called into disrepute over the years.

The Queen gave Harvey the CBE in 2004 for years of contributions to British cinema. It's reportedly the second-highest honor one can receive next to a knighthood.

Reportedly, the move to remove the honor comes just three years after President Emmanuel Macron began implementing the process for eliminating his French honorary title in 2017, not long after the allegations against Weinstein first hit the mainstream press.

There's no question Weinstein managed to fall hard from the graces of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, however, he and his lawyers plan on kickstarting their appeal in the coming weeks. However, he has another sexual assault trial brewing in Los Angeles.

Ever since Weinstein was called out for predatory behavior, many actresses have come out and talked about how his misbehavior affected their own careers, including Mira Sorvino, who recently explained to reporters from Vulture how she always thought her career was over.

During her chat with Vulture, Sorvino claimed she thought she would never find work in the industry ever again after she rebuffed his sexual advances. However, since then, she has managed to find work in the film business.

Put simply, Mira has seen a resurgence in her career over the last three years and she says it's great to see that people empathize with her situation. Mira says she was viciously shunned when she first began talking about Harvey Weinstein years ago.

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