Michael Cohen Says That Donald Trump's Dislike For Barack Obama Is Actually ‘Purely Racial’

Michael Cohen Says That Donald Trump's Dislike For Barack Obama Is Actually ‘Purely Racial’
Credit: Source: businessinsider.com

The hate that Donald Trump feels for his predecessor at the White House, is not a secret to anyone! However, the current POTUS’ former lawyer, Michael Cohen seems to believe that him despising Barack Obama is purely based on race.

This is what Cohen stated while on The View, although he also said that he despises Barack for his intellect as well.

During his appearance on The View, Michael Cohen did not shy away from even likening Trump to Archie Bunker, a racist character part of the ‘70s sitcom All in the Family!

He insisted that his disdain for Barack is ‘purely racial’ and mentioned that his former boss is bothered by the fact that the ex president is much ‘brighter’ than him as well.

Cohen shared with co-host Sunny Hostin that Donald Trump ‘was never really able to fully grasp how the country ended up voting for the first Black president. And he had a lot of personal hangups of his own. I don’t believe he liked Obama because Obama is brighter than he is. Obama was a Harvard Law graduate, and we all know what Trump tasked me to prevent his grades from being released.’

‘Why he despised him to the extent that he does, I believe is purely racial. I call him an ‘Archie Bunker racist’ in my book, Disloyal… I believe it’s solely predicated on the fact that Barack Obama is Black,’ he went on to dish.

Sure enough, Michael Cohen writes in his tell-all that Trump went as far as to hire a ‘Faux-Bama’ to ‘ritualistically belittle’ and role-play firing on camera.

The lawyer insists that the obsession Trump felt with Obama was at least bizarre.

When watching the 2008 inauguration, Cohen recalls that ‘He was literally losing his mind watching a handsome and self-evidently brilliant young Black man take over.’


And when, only a year later, Obama was awarded a Nobel Prize, Trump allegedly ‘went ballistic.’


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