Brielle Biermann Grateful For All The Support After Tragically Losing Her Best Friend

Brielle Biermann Grateful For All The Support After Tragically Losing Her Best Friend
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The reality TV star took to her platform to thank fans and loved ones for all the comforting messages she received after losing a close friend. Her pal, Ethan McCallister, was tragically killed in a hit and run earlier this month.

That being said, Brielle Biermann, posted some pics from what looks like her friend's memorial and in the caption, she mentioned how grateful she is for her family and friends being by her side during such a difficult time.

'I am so thankful for all my family and friends🖤 thank you for the kind messages... I have read them all. While losing Ethan's been the hardest thing I have ever gone through, I'm finding comfort knowing how much love and support I have🖤.'

This was not the first time she acknowledged the passing of her close friend.

In fact, both Brielle and her mother, Kim Zolciak, took to their platforms to pay tribute to Ethan the morning after his death.

Brielle shared a pic of her late pal and she expressed just how affected she was by the tragedy alongside it.

'You are my happiness, my joy, light in this dark world.. the life of the party and the sweetest soul I have been blessed to know. You're my best friend. My heart. My everything. There will never be another you. Ever ever ever. You came into the world with one mission... make people smile. And you were damn good at it too. There was never one moment i was not laughing with you!!' she wrote.

She went on to share that the whole year, during the pandemic, they did not spend even one weekend apart.


With that being said, losing Ethan was even harder because of that: 'How am i supposed to go anywhere without you? God i love you ethan. I really really do. I cannot wait to see you again.'

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