Braunwyn Windham-Burke From Real Housewives Reveals The Two Rules She Has With Her Husband

Braunwyn Windham-Burke From Real Housewives Reveals The Two Rules She Has With Her Husband
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In the past, The Real Housewives Of Orange County star, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, has been very candid about her joy for having threesomes with her husband and other women, however, she recently shared two of her most strict rules.

The reality star, speaking with reporters from Too Fab, bluntly stated, "occasionally, we'll have a fun threesome," before going on to say that the most important thing was that the person had to be "hot." Sean, on the other hand, argued chemistry was more important.

For the second rule, Windham-Burke appeared visibly disturbed by the idea of bringing another man into the bedroom, arguing that her husband was the only man allowed in the room. When asked by the publication about past cheating-squabbles, the reality star quickly moved past it.

Burke recently admitted to cheating on Sean 12 years ago, however, they're "better than ever" now. Fans of the show know that Burke has explored her bi-curiosities on camera already once this season, for instance, kissing Tamra Judge at Beador's birthday party.

There's no question that it's not uncommon for reality stars on the set of the Real Housewives franchise to be into explicit adventures. Earlier this year, Danielle Staub claimed her explicit tape was one of the most legendary.

TMZ reported back in 2010 that Danielle Staub had released a sex-tape which was subsequently obtained for distribution by the adult film company, Hustler. Hustler told the outlet in 2010 that they were gearing up to release the tape of Danielle Staub sleeping with another man.

A representative from the company said to the publication that the tape was created in September of the previous year, just a few months before she first appeared on the reality series. It was scheduled for release on the 14th of June, 2010. Some fans on social media alleged that this behavior might be at the cause of relationship troubles for Danielle, for example, her dropped engagement to Oliver Maier.

Back in September of this year, People Magazine announced Danielle Staub had ended her engagement with Mr. Maier. The 57-year-old moved on to Maier man following her divorce from Marty Caffrey in February.


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