Jennifer Spinner And Braunwyn Windham-Burke Are Romantically Involved

Jennifer Spinner And Braunwyn Windham-Burke Are Romantically Involved
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The 44-year-old Jennifer Spinner, a former cast member of "Real Housewives of Orange County," confirmed her relationship with the 38-year-old.

With a Video clip of the two enjoying a holiday in Dorado, Puerto Rico, on Wednesday, Windham-Burke—who announced out as gay in 2020—shared a peek at their love affair.

The mother of seven posted the Instagram Post in which they were seen relaxing at the beach with Ben Rector's "Having My Great Experience" playing in the background, "I adore her; we chuckle a lot, it's nice," By uploading a picture of the two arms in arms at the beach to Instagram, Spinner also declared their love public.

She wrote the image, "Here's to new chapters and plenty more goofy postings. Given that Instagram is where the former Bravo star announced the revelation and that is where the two first connected, it just made sense.

She explained to Us Weekly on Wednesday that they first got to know one another because Spinner's brother "is in the same friendship circle that my former Victoria Brito was once pals with." She also said that the two initially communicated on Instagram "in a comical way" before moving on to more serious matters.

Despite Spinner's intention to return to the United States soon, the couple is "certainly not limited" because Spinner now resides in Germany.

Still quite new, in fact. I'm becoming familiar with her. She told the media source, "I appreciate the time we share together, and I enjoy having lesbian relationships." Some of them will be devoted, looooong partnerships, she said.
In July, Windham-Burke admitted to Page Six that she had started dating again, although she would not specify who.

Given that the reality star's relationship with Victoria Brito died down because of distance in June of this year, it makes sense that she is hesitant to enter into another long-distance relationship. Following her breakup with her ex-girlfriend Kris, Windham and Britto began dating in the latter half of 2021.



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