Brandy Still Can't Deal With Her Ex Kobe Bryant's Passing - Gets Emotional Talking About It!

Brandy Still Can't Deal With Her Ex Kobe Bryant's Passing - Gets Emotional Talking About It!
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The singer could not help but get emotional while remembering her teen love, the late legend, Kobe Bryant! Brandy explained during a Zoom interview for Entertainment Tonight that his tragic death even ‘shook her faith!’

As fans know, the basketball star shockingly and suddenly died in a helicopter crash back in January, alongside his second-born daughter and seven other people who were on board at the time.

Now, the singer and songwriter admitted that she still cannot and may never be able to comprehend his loss.

‘I just cannot understand it. I don’t understand it. I’ll never understand it to this day. That moment truly shook my faith. It simply stopped me dead in my tracks,’ Brandy told the news outlet.

The two were briefly involved romantically in their teen years, famously attending his High School prom together back in 1996 when they were both only 17.

At the time the news of his passing shook the whole Internet, Brandy also took to social media to express her grief and shock.

She wrote: ‘Never will I understand. My condolences to @vanessabryant, to the entire family, and all [who are] in pain during this tragic time. Love #Mamba #Mambacita.’

Brandy previously opened up about how they met at a basketball game.

Kobe was instantly attracted to the artist that had already made her successful debut in 1994 and invited her to prom.

She told New York Daily News at the time that: ‘He asked me to go to prom, and since he was a really nice guy…I asked my mom, - she said yes. I said I don’t know this guy. I had no idea who he was.’

Sure enough, her mother, Sonja Norwood, later on confirmed that was exactly how it happened, noting that Brandy told her he was a basketball player: ‘I liked he had involved parents and was doing well academically…He seemed like a pretty good kid. He was level-headed and grounded. And I said OK.’

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