Bonnie Raitt Joins Stephen Colbert And Gives Special Performance Of Angel From Montgomery — Watch Video

Bonnie Raitt Joins Stephen Colbert And Gives Special Performance Of Angel From Montgomery — Watch Video
Credit: Source: Bonnie Raitt/CBS/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Bonnie Raitt turns 70-years-old this year and she's just proved that age is nothing but a number. The 11-time Grammy winner appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and performed the John Prine hit "Angel of Montgomery" that she initially recorded on the 1977 album Streetlights . Raitt killed on the performance that has since gone viral with both Raitt's and Prine's fans singing its praise. John Prine will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on June 13, 2019.

Bonnie recently performed at the 2019 New Orleans Jazz Fest and has several tour dates lined up for September with Willie Nelson's Outlaw Music Festival.

Social media quickly ignited with love for Bonnie Raitt after her performance on the show and by Thursday morning, video footage of Raitt singing and playing "Angel of Montgomery" had climbed the charts. Many remarked on how great Bonnie looked and sounded and remarked that her performance was flawless.

For her fans, it was a special, rare treat.

You may watch Bonnie Raitt's full performance of "Angel From Montgomery" in the video player below.

Bonnie Raitt shared the video on her official Twitter and also revealed with a retweet that Stephen Colbert personally requested she perform the song.

Fans were thankful for the request with many sharing their own memories and affection for the classic tune.

There is no question that Bonnie Raitt is a true artist as she always manages to put her own soulful, bluesy twist on any song she covers. "Angel of Montgomery" is no exception.

In Raitt's flawless performance, she not only brought her strong, bluesy vocals but also great harmonies and at times, spoke the lyrics clearly, ensuring the listener clearly understood the message.

Though some view "Angel of Montgomery" as a country-western or folk song, it also falls under the Americana category. The song depicts with beautiful precision the life of a woman in the south who has become frustrated in her older years and longs for the excitement and passion she once knew when she was younger.

John Pine first recorded "Angel of Montgomery" on his self-titled debut album John Pine in 1971.

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