Stephen Colbert Gets Emotional After Donald Trump's 'Nonsensical' Speech - Says He Tried To 'Kill Democracy' And More!

Usually, Stephen Colbert’s monologues on The Late Show are lighthearted and filled with clever […]

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Stephen Colbert Will Continue To Host The Late Show Until 2023

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Mindy Kaling Hilariously Mocks Stephen Colbert After His Apple Watch Cuts Her Off In New Late Show Video

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Stephen Colbert Weighs In On Constance Wu Fresh Off The Boat Renewal Controversy — Watch Video

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Keanu Reeves What Happens When We Die Theory Goes Viral - Watch His Video With Stephen Colbert Here

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Bonnie Raitt Joins Stephen Colbert And Gives Special Performance Of Angel From Montgomery — Watch Video

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Ellen Page Cries On Stephen Colbert's Show While Condemning Trump Administration

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Stephen Colbert's Anxiety Baking Skit Goes Viral As President Donald Trump Makes America Bake Again

Stephen Colbert's "Anxiety Baking" skit is viral as more people say they use cooking […]

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