Blac Chyna And Daughter Dream Kardashian Look Like Twins In Cute New Pic - 'Can You See It?'

Blac Chyna And Daughter Dream Kardashian Look Like Twins In Cute New Pic - 'Can You See It?'
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Blac Chyna took to her platform to ask fans if they see how much her daughter, Dream Kardashian looks like her! The mother-daughter duo posed together the same way, making the answer very easy – they totally resemble one another!

However, since Dreamy also very obviously looks like her father, Rob Kardashian, and always has, fans did not hesitate to point out she’s her dad’s twin!

In the caption, Chyna simply wrote: ‘U see it?’ referring to their resemblance since they had the same expression on their faces and posed in a similar way for the camera. It was like seeing double!

Aside from her softer, sweeter eyebrow shape, the toddler’s every facial feature looks like her mom’s in her picture.

In the comment section, people wrote things like: ‘😍😍😍😍Twinsies,’ and ‘Spitting image.’

As mentioned before, however, there were also many who argued she looks like Rob a lot as well, if not more, usually.

Still, some acknowledged that in this particular photo the mother and daughter look exactly the same.

‘She looks like you here but she looks just like her dad. You both are so beautiful ❤️😘❤️,’ one follower said.

Ever since they called off their engagement in 2017, Rob and Chyna have been feuding.

However, nowadays it seems like they are on good terms and acting like a united front when it comes to co-parenting.

Chyna updated fans on their relationship back in February, tweeting: ‘Robert and I only concern is what is in the best interest of our daughter who we both equally love. Additionally, Robert's a wonderful father to our Dreamy! ☘️.’

She even complimented the only Kardashian son while on an episode of RuPaul, saying he is a ‘nice guy.’


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