Below Deck's Kate Chastain And Josiah Carter Vs Caroline Bedol - Whose Side Are You On?

Below Deck's Kate Chastain And Josiah Carter Vs Caroline Bedol - Whose Side Are You On?
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The recent Below Deck reunion was all about harassment and bullying in the workplace, and it has divided fans. After the truth came out about the departure of morning third stew, Caroline Bedol, and the harassment she received from chief stew Kate Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter, fans lit up Twitter to voice their opinion on what went down.

Bedol had claimed that Chastain and Carter harassed her while she was waiting to tell Captain Lee Rosbach that she was leaving. And, during the reunion, host Andy Cohen played a previously unseen clip that set the record the straight.

In the clip, Bedol is in her cabin with the door closed while she waits to see Rosbach. Outside the door, Chastain and Carter are taunting her, saying that she was leaving because she had herpes.

Both Chastain and Carter said they regret their actions but defended themselves by saying that Bedol had pushed them to the breaking point because she couldn’t do her job. And, the rest of the cast - including Captain Rosbach - backed them up.

Some fans supported Chastain, Carter, and Rosbach, but others couldn’t believe it. Many fans tweeted that bullying is never acceptable, and others were disappointed that Rosbach didn’t punish Chastain.

Rosbach did respond to many of the tweets, saying that he didn’t support the way Chastain handled things, but he didn’t see any reason to punish her. He also made it abundantly clear that Bedol’s job performance was a big problem for the M/Y Seanna crew.

One fan asked if Rosbach would simply admit that Chastain was unprofessional and that 2nd and 3rd stews should never get verbal beat downs.

The Captain responded by writing, “So, let me get this right, superiors should be subjected to all the abuse they can handle n more and then have no recourse n if they don’t deal with it in the fashion you feel they should it’s all on them. Not going to happen. Sorry, glad you voiced your thoughts, I don’t agree.”

In December, when the Bedol quitting episode aired, the former stew went on a Twitter tirade and accused Chastain of being a “textbook psychopath with a drinking problem.” She also said that the chief stew had a thing for cocaine.

Bedol also accidentally dragged Chrissy Teigen into the Twitter marathon, with the Lip Sync Battle star telling her that she was “clearly becoming unhinged” and she needed to stop and just breathe.

Kate Chastain will return with new episodes of Below Deck later this year on Bravo.


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