Below Deck Season 6 Reunion: What You Didn't See On TV

Below Deck Season 6 Reunion: What You Didn't See On TV
Credit: Source: Bravo

Following a year of intense ups and downs, the stars of Below Deck had plenty of things to chat about during the Season 6 reunion. While the crew members kept things pretty civil during the taping, they revealed a lot more when the cameras stopped rolling.

For starters, Captain Lee Rosbach invited his wife, Mary Anne, to the reunion for some moral support. Rosbach usually presents himself as a tough guy for the cameras, but Below Deck fans know that he has a major soft spot for the love of his life. Mary Anne was not very involved during the reunion, but she made a pretty amazing appearance during Season 5.

Although the stars of Below Deck experienced some low points this season, Kate Chastain admitted that this was her "favorite crew ever." In fact, most of the crew members have kept in contain and maintain good friendships today, which does not always happen on the show.

Speaking of the crew, Season 6 featured a lot of romance, though none of them lasted beyond the yachting season. But now that the cameras are no longer rolling, a few of the yachties are now in committed relationships, including Ashton Pienaar, Josiah Carter, Ross Inia, Tyler Rowland, and Rhylee Gerber.

As far as drama is concerned, most of the cast felt as though Gerber was the source of a lot of issues this season. This is one reason why everyone felt as though Gerber had a lot to talk about prior to the reunion.

When it comes to stand out performances this season, Rosbach had a few thoughts about which crew members did better than the rest. The longtime captain revealed that Pienaar is his Season 6 MVP just because he managed to survive all of the chaos without losing his cool. Rosbach also thought Inia and Chastain did a great job managing the crew.

Below Deck Med returns with new episodes later this year on Bravo.


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