Josiah Duggar And Lauren Swanson Open Up About Suffering A Miscarriage

Josiah Duggar And Lauren Swanson Open Up About Suffering A Miscarriage
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The Counting On stars opened up about a sensitive topic, revealing that when Lauren first got pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage just weeks into the pregnancy! Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson were super excited when they learned they were going to become parents back in October, but unfortunately, they lost the baby.

Lauren and Josiah got married in June of last year, and just months into their marriage, they went through something so traumatic together.

In a new preview for Counting On's upcoming season, Josiah reveals that: ‘Lauren and I were preparing to go to a friend’s wedding. She started feeling very sick and noticing some different things. Mrs. Swanson was also there, so she was able to help her. I did not know exactly what was going on.’

As she recalls what she went through, Lauren, who is only 19 years old, starts crying and says: ‘I wasn’t feeling well. I was cramping really, really badly, which was strange because I normally do not. I was thinking that maybe I had something with gluten in it. It was late at night and I went to use the bathroom and there was the baby. Gone. I could not believe it and I was hoping it was not true.’

Later on, the young couple took to Twitter to further detail the tragedy in a joint statement, saying that at first, they wanted to keep quiet about what happened.

However, because they knew fans were looking forward to them announcing their first pregnancy, they decided it was time to open up about the loss.

That being said, they confessed that having people always asking if they were expecting so soon after the miscarriage had been painful.


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