Below Deck Med: What Captain Sandy Thinks A Yacht Chef Should Never Serve

Below Deck Med: What Captain Sandy Thinks A Yacht Chef Should Never Serve
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A major storyline during this season of Below Deck Mediterranean has been the food that is coming out of the kitchen, but Captain Sandy Yawn has always said that “food carries the charter,” and the “chef is critical.” This season has proven her right, and now Yawn has a list of things that her crew will never serve to guests.

The Feast recently asked Captain Sandy about the food a yacht charter chef should never serve, and her experience this season definitely influenced her answer.

"El Paso taco [shells]. And definitely not Aunt Jemima. Let's start there. Those are biggies!" said Captain Sandy. "A lot of chefs do have to cheat a little. They'll cheat a little — but not like that."

Of course, she was referring to the infamous Chef Mila incident from the beginning of the season where the supposed Le Cordon Bleu chef had trouble making everything from tacos to pancakes.

Captain Sandy also revealed that in her experience, some chefs go too far the other way. She explained that one chef she worked with made croissants every day, and she had to question why the chef was overdoing it. “Why are you making those?” asked Sandy. “They sell them on sheets. You put them to rise.”

When it comes down to it, Sandy said that the one thing a chef should never serve on a yacht charter is “anything out of a can.” She says that when a guest is paying that kind of money, everything should always be fresh. Especially when they are on the Mediterranean, where they have access to the freshest vegetables, produce, and fish.

As for the other drama going down this season on Below Deck Mediterranean , it seemed for a second that João Franco had developed some feelings for Hannah Ferrier even though they never get along.

Some speculated that those feelings had been there for a while, but Franco just never shared them. Either way, Ferrier had to confront Franco and ask him if he had a thing for her, especially after he hinted that he was jealous she kissed Travis Michalzik.

Franco said he didn’t feel that way about Ferrier, and all of this was news to Captain Sandy during the Below Deck Med After Show.

“That’s odd,” she said.

New episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean air Monday nights on Bravo.


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