Barack Obama Slams 'Cancel Culture' After Rapper T.I. Addressed The Subject - See The Video

Barack Obama Slams 'Cancel Culture' After Rapper T.I. Addressed The Subject - See The Video
Credit: BET

Just the other day, it was reported that the rapper T.I. addressed this Cancel Culture that has been moving around for a while now. He addressed the subject in relation to Gucci and Kanye West, and he said that this whole  Cancel Culture  thing is getting out of hand.

Now, The Shade Room reports Barack Obama's opinion about the subject as well.

According to TSR, everyone has been able to see or feel 'how toxic and damaging cancel culture can be, as social media has become a place for many to play judge, jury, and executioner over things that can sometimes be insignificant or irrelevant.'

TSR reveals that the former President of the US, Barack Obama, recently called out this trend.

TSR cites info from Huffington Post and reveals that 'while speaking at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago earlier this week, Barack Obama didn’t hold back his feelings on cancel culture and Twitter outrage, emphasizing that they are “not activism” and also pushed for Americans to abandon ideological purity tests when it comes to politics.'

You can read what more Obama said in the caption of the post shared by TSR.

People are extremely supportive of what Obama had to say and they also made sure to highlight the fact that they want him back as the President of the US.

Someone commented: 'Yes!! Whatever you say, we will do!!! But please come back!!!😩😩'

Another follower said: 'Now y’all gonna cancel Obama for calling out your stupidity,' and one other person wrote this: 'Only if Obama could be the president again.'

A commenter wrote: 'besides black women, who has “cancel culture” even worked successfully on? a lot of ppl complaining about while benefiting from it.'

One Instagrammer said: 'The only people that are quick to cancel someone are people that are still living in the matrix.'

What's your opinion on Cancel Culture ?

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