Barack Obama Shares Lengthy Message On The Recent Shootings - Says ‘We Must Reject Leaders That Feed Hatred’

Barack Obama Shares Lengthy Message On The Recent Shootings - Says ‘We Must Reject Leaders That Feed Hatred’
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In less than 24 hours, two tragic shootings took place in the country and now, the former president, Barack Obama, is addressing the situation with an inspirational message and one that also calls out the current leader, Donald Trump, for ‘normalizing’ racism and hatred in general. Barack took to his Twitter to share a lengthy letter about the mass shootings and the current political waters, something he rarely does.

But seeing such shocking attacks taking place so often, causing useless death and suffering, he could not help but intervene.

The El Paso, TX Walmart mass shooting, in particular, got him to speak out.

The incident happened on August 3, and 21 people lost their lives while 26 were injured.

What proved the threat was a bleak reflection of the current situation of America’s political scene and social disarray was the fact that the shooter, a 21-year-old, is suspected of being behind a racially charged manifesto.

The said manifesto has many anti-Hispanic references and stated that the massacre was a ‘response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas,’ in addition to denouncing ‘race mixers.’

While, yesterday, Trump did condemn white supremacy in the aftermath of the attack, he completely left the Latino and Hispanic communities out of his speech.

This especially seems to have set Obama off.

He took to his platform of choice to write in part: ‘We should reject language coming out of mouths of any leader that feeds a climate of fear and of hatred or normalizes racist sentiments; any leader who demonizes those who do not look like us, or suggest other people, immigrants included, threaten our way of life, refer to others as subhuman or even imply that America belongs to one certain type of people.’

While the former leader did not mention Trump’s name, it is pretty clear what and who he was talking about.

He went on: ‘Such language is not new — it has been at the root of most human tragedy throughout all history, here in America as well as around the world. It has no place in our politics and in public life. And it is time for the majority of Americans of goodwill, or every race single and faith and political party, to say this much — clearly and unequivocally.’

The message continued with Obama linking the El Paso shooting and others like it with racist ideologies ‘troubled individuals’ adopt.

They then may act in a violent matter in an attempt to preserve the purity of races or white supremacy!


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