Counting On Fans Slam Jill Duggar For Allowing 4-year-Old Israel To Wear This

Counting On Fans Slam Jill Duggar For Allowing 4-year-Old Israel To Wear This
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The mom-shaming of former Counting On star Jill Duggar continues, as some fans are now up in arms about a photo she recently posted on Instagram. For the past few days, Duggar has been under intense scrutiny once again, and this time it’s because she makes her 4-year-old son Israel wear a bucket bib.

In a picture that Duggar posted on July 31st, Israel is sitting at a table with an empty bowl in front of him, and he is clearly wearing a bucket bib. In the caption,  Duggar wrote, “clean bowls and full bellies.” This is the second time in a month that fans have slammed the 28-year-old for making her 4-year-old wear the silicone bib with a pocket for food and drink spills, a staple in infant fashion.

“Isn’t the older boy a bit old for a bucket big?!?” read one comment, while another added, “Iz is way too old to be using a bib. Teach him to eat neatly and you won’t have this issue.”

Some fans got so wrapped up in this issue that they took it to Reddit for a full-on debate about the appropriate age for wearing bibs. In a thread titled “IT JUST REALLY BOTHERS ME THAT THIS CHILD IS WEARING A BIB,” dozens of fans who enjoy criticizing the family on the subreddit board r/DuggarsSnark couldn’t help but complain.

Some even accused Duggar of being lazy and refusing to teach her son proper table manners and how to avoid a mess, while others posited that Israel actually liked it and “kids are weird” sometimes.

What seemed to irk most people wasn’t that Israel was wearing a bib, it was that he was wearing one that was meant for a 1 or 2-year-old.

However, there were quite a few people who joined the discussion that said they know older people who use bibs on a regular basis.

“He does seem a little old for a bib, but I’ve seriously thought about getting one for my 80-year-old husband,” someone commented. Another fan wrote, “We have an apron my husband puts on for messy foods. If I catch him in time. He loves to ruin a shirt.”

Jill Duggar doesn’t have much success on social media when it comes to sharing things from her kitchen. In addition to the bib debate, people are constantly calling her out for the calorie-rich recipes she feeds her family and then tries to promote to the world via her blog and social media.

New episodes of Counting On - which feature Jill’s large, conservative family - will return to TLC in October.


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  • Elna
    Elna Aug 10, 2019 10:35 PM PDT

    What’s wrong with bib. I believe what is worse is to see kids above 1 year old with pacifiers in their mouth out in public.

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