Barack Obama Delivers Emotional Eulogy For Rep. Elijah Cummings, President Donald Trump Was Not Present At The Funeral

Barack Obama Delivers Emotional Eulogy For Rep. Elijah Cummings, President Donald Trump Was Not Present At The Funeral
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Former President Barack Obama delivered an emotional and powerful eulogy on Friday, honoring Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland.

Obama spoke about Cummings’ childhood and how his parents pushed him to become a great man and historical figure and omitted the harsh remarks made by President Donald Trump.

Obama said this about the late member of the House of Representatives: “The seed on good soil, the parable of the sower, tells us, stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop. The seed on good soil. Elijah Cummings came from good soil. And in this sturdy frame, goodness took root. His parents were sharecroppers from the South. They picked tobacco and strawberries and then sought something better in this city, South Baltimore. Robert worked shifts at a plant, and Ruth cleaned other people’s homes. They became parents of seven, preachers to a small flock. I remember I had the pleasure of meeting Elijah’s mother, Ruth, and she told me she prayed for me every day, and I knew it was true, and I felt better for it. Sometimes people say they are praying for you, and you don’t know. They might be praying about you, but you don’t know if they are praying for you. But I knew Miss Ruth was telling the truth.”

He added: “So they were the proverbial salt of the earth, and they passed on that strength and that grit, but also that kindness and that faith to their son. As a boy, Elijah’s dad made him shine his shoes and tie his tie, and they’d go to the airport—not to board the airplanes, but to watch others do it. I remember Elijah telling me this story. Robert would say, “I have not flied. I may not fly, but you will fly one day. We can’t afford it right now, but you will fly.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton also spoke at the somber event. Cummings passed away at the age of 68, at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Cummings has been dealing with various health complications for a long time now, according to official reports, and this was the conclusion to the tragic story.

Many have come forward to express their condolences, and the news took some by surprise, as well.

However, those closest to Cummings appear to have been expecting the unpleasant announcement to come sooner or later.

Cummings has been an important figure in American politics and has been a major driving force in the push to impeach President Trump, who did not attend the funeral.

And while the impeachment inquiry is still underway -- and it is not clear at all how things will proceed in the near future -- the passing of Cummings seems to have dealt a bit of a blow to the whole movement, with some people backing out of their support for the time being.

Still, many remain focused on the situation around Trump, and it does not seem like the President is going to face an easy time defending himself against the inquiry.

The involvement of Cummings could likely be substituted by another Democrat at the moment, but that will not do much to reignite the spirit of hope that some seem to have lost in the wake of his death.

Despite the bitter feud between the two men, Trump did express condolences to the family of Cummings and has noted that he would be a difficult person to replace on the political scene.

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