Baby Reign Terrorizes Reginae Carter For Hours In Video After Toya Wright Asks Her To Babysit

Big sister Reginae Carter was asked to babysit cutie pie Reign Rushing, and things did not go as planned.

In a brief clip that was posted by Reginae, she revealed that her mother, Toya Wright, asked her to watch Reign for an hour and two hours later she was still running around telling the baby to stop doing this and stop touching that.

Now that Robert Rushing's daughter is walking, she goes everywhere and touches everything. Reign, who is almost one year old, touched two bottles with Reginae telling her to put them down.

One person replied: "Her so cute look like she tryna twist it open. She wouldn’t let her do anything. Reign like “You is NOT my mama.” 🤣 how I was when my big sis babysit me and tried to tell me what to do. When we walk in the store, don't touch anything, don't ask for anything, don't look at anything, don't even daydream about nothing, because I'm not buying nothing!! 😂😂"

This supporter wrote: “I need me a baby who gon listen”Lmaoooo “don’t touch that bottle” I love how she talks @colormenae .. "don't touch that bottle" lol sounds like New Orleans Meets Atlanta. Why it look like she trying twist the top open lol, definitely, me, don’t touch anything just sit there and be a good girl."

A third fan shared: "She is So Adorable 😍. Eyebrows on FLEEK for a baby...... Beautiful just like Mama and Sissy 👑It is always more than an hour. 🤣Reginae sound just like her mom and Reign bad as hell 😂😂❤️❤️."

Toya has plans to drop a new book with Reign in a few months. She recently confessed: "Thank you, everyone, for tuning in this season.. you got a chance to witness some of my family’s highs and lows. You’ve watched me and my mother deal with our differences and my oldest daughter, and I have our disagreements, but we are closer than ever now. I’m happy for my new love and my amazing friends especially @troubleman31 and @majorgirl for allowing us to be a part of something so positive and real. I’m super excited to be releasing my new children’s book! “Learning Colors with Reignbeaux,” I decided to release it on Reign’s 1st Birthday 2/8/19. I hope u like it."

Reginae is also busy enjoying life with boyfriend YFN Lucci although fans are bashing them for the age difference.

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