Tiny Harris' Bonus Daughter Deyjah Makes Huge Announcement About Her Brilliant Future -- Will T.I. Break Down And Cry?

In a few months, Tiny Harris, her husband, T.I., and Ms. Niko will all be crying tears of joy because Deyjah Imani Harris has made a huge announcement.

The 17-year-old daughter of T.I. has revealed that on May 18 she will be graduating from high school and is heading to college.

The brilliant teen already had her family in tears when she gave her stellar senior speech. In May, she will have them going crazy as she leaves home and faces the big world on her on own.

T.I. happily showered his daughter with praises upon hearing her speech.

The rapper said: "My baby’s beautiful, brilliant, talented,& articulate at da SAME DAMN TIME!!! Her perspective is poignant & true. Her potential is limitless. Her time is NOW!!! Her imperfections are few & far in between. Because her very existence is Perfection. She WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!! And her daddy, brothers,&uncles gon nut de fuq UP about anything or anyone disturbing her progress. I love you baby. Always and Forever more!!!"

Fans showed love to Deyjah's mom, Tiny, and T.I.P. for raising such an extraordinary young lady.

One person said: "So proud of the young woman your parents raised you to become an off the young woman who knows who she is and if any of the students listen to you apply their selves as half of what you have done, uses it and pass it on to others it would surely make a difference. I know your parents are truly proud of you and all of your siblings. I know I have two daughters that are in business for themselves and they've to try and have tried to help everyone, family and ppl that are in need and are trying. This makes me feel so proud and hopeful that our young people are trying to do as Dr. King and everyone whom died for our cause. Parents keep up the good work, and it might be hope for us yet."

Another commenter shared: "She has grown up to be an Amazing Beautiful Young Lady. She has Brains she's Beautiful, and I can see her going far. Seeing your children all doing their own thing having their own mind just warm my heart. I Salute you and your Husband despite what goes on with the parents you two keep the kids on point, and that is how it's supposed to be. Luv the baby name which is my Grand-daughter name but spelled differently. Being from the old school how I was raised when it comes to the kids all the other BS is set aside. Great Job with the kids."

Do you think Deyjah will be a politician?

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