Azriel Clary Addresses The Victim-Shaming She Went Through Concerning Her Relationship With R. Kelly

Azriel Clary Addresses The Victim-Shaming She Went Through Concerning Her Relationship With R. Kelly
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Azriel Clary recently spoke with Claudia Jordan on her Fox Soul show. She opened uP about the public scrutiny she received when she was with and wHen she left R. Kelly .

Clary was shocked that people would blame a young girl who was manipulated by a grown man.

'For me personally, it was quite disturbing. A majority of the backlash that I received was from the Black community and other influencers and celebrities. But more importantly, that’s kind of what made me feel like it is quite important that I share this because there are so many people that are just like me. Victims are not the ones that should be shamed. It should be the predator. It should be the abuser. It just shows that there is still a lot of hypocritical people and there are a lot of people that are just very ignorant to the situation. There’s really nothing that I can do for them, personally, but what I can do is help victims know that it is okay to tell how you feel. It is okay to open up with the world regardless of the backlash that it comes with.'

Many people in the Shade Room comment section agreed that there was too much sympathy for R. Kelly.

From those who blame it on the sexual abuse the singer endured as a child to those who felt as though many of the women Kelly groomed were over 18 which makes them adults -- it should not take away from the fact that he needs to be put in jail for the crimes he's been committing for decades.

'She told the truth , y’all was being messy like as if y’all ain’t know she was going through that mess,' said one follower.

'She ain't lying they defend the predator and blame the victim,' added another.

This person said: 'She was so young at the time! She didn’t know any better.'

Azriel now considers herself an activist and will continue to speak up for women who have gone through abusive relationships.

What do you think about Clary's interview?

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  • DJ
    DJ Jan 4, 2021 6:13 AM PST

    Those ignorant ***holes will never accept that R Kelly is a serial rapist

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